About WDM Group

Founded in 2007, WDM Group is a fast-growing digital media company offering a variety of digital services to businesses all over the world.

WDM Group retains a diverse portfolio of industry and territory specific brands – each producing its own digital magazine, website, mobile apps and weekly e-newsletter. These unique products keep high-level professionals informed on the latest news from within their competitive business markets.

Since its inception, WDM Group has evolved into much more than a digital publishing company. While its magazines remain a key factor in the success of the business, WDM Group has expanded its services to include access to a full-scale digital marketing package, the development of social media websites and much more.

Progressing into the future, WDM Group aims to continue its international expansion, on the lookout for opportunity in all corners of the globe.

Glen White, CEO and Founder


Glen White — is the digital publishing mogul behind WDM Group. His responsibilities include corporate vision, strategy, and business development.

Under his leadership, WDM Group has developed over fifteen independent global brands since 2007. Glen’s extensive experience and entrepreneurial vision is a key factor in WDM Group’s past success and future growth.

Management Team


Kiron Chavda, Group Managing Director


Andy Turner, COO