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Chubb Group Insurance Companies: Becoming a Top Player in Latin America
Date Posted: June 7, 2010

Herman Weiss, Latin American Zone Officer of Chubb Group Insurance Companies illustrates how their strategic business methods drove their company to be one of Latin America’s prominent insurance providers.

(San Diego, CA, June, 7, 2010)—Herman Weiss, the Latin American Zone officer for Chubb Group Insurance Companies , elucidates how they were able to develop a strategy that branched the company throughout Latin America. In an interview with Latino Business Review , which was released in the June issue, Weiss talked about Chubb Group’s methods and strategies to reach business communities around the world, and the methods that pushed the company to become one of Latin America’s prominent insurance providers

“Chubb has had knowledge of the business communities and markets in Latin America for a longtime from the days when we were working solely out of the United States with our marine insurance business,” explained Weiss.

As Latin America’s economies grow into global strengths, various sector territories will become attractive to other international investors and even local corporations, said Weiss. The group was founded in 1882 when Thomas Caldecot Chubb opened a marine underwriting business and established the corporation in 1967. Since then, Chubb Group has grown to a worldwide network of 120 offices in 27 countries staffed by 10,400 employees. The Chubb Corporation reported $48 billion in assets and $13.2 billion in revenues in 2008.

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